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Quiz No:1

Questions No:1

Earliest attempt to scientific basis for classification is made by

[A] Linnaeus

[B] Whittaker

[C] Aristotle

[D] Theosphrastus

Questions No:2

Bacteria that live in most harsh habitats are

[A] Eubacteria

[B] Cyanobacteria

[C] Mycoplasma

[D] Archaebacteria

Questions No:3

Smallest living moneran cells that lack a cell wall are

[A] Cyanobacteria

[B] Protozoa

[C] Mycoplasma

[D] Bacteria

Questions No:4

Two kingdom classification was given by

[A] Whittaker

[B] Linnaeus

[C] Copeland

[D] Aristotle

Questions No:5

Five kingdom system of classification is mainly based on

[A] Mode of nutrition

[B] Complexity of body organisation

[C] Ecological role

[D] Complexity of cell structure

Questions No:6

Nitrogen fixing cyanobacterium is

[A] Rhizobium

[B] Nostoc

[C] Chlorella

[D] Methanogens

Questions No:7

The photosynthetic protists are

[A] Euglenoids, diatoms and dinoflagellates

[B] Ciliates, zooflagellates and dinoflagellates

[C] Sarcodines, dinoflagellates and slime moulds

[D] Sarcodines, dinoflagellates and Euglenoids

Questions No:8

Mixotrophic nutrition occurs in

[A] Diatoms

[B] Paramoecium

[C] Euglena

[D] Amoeba

Questions No:9

Chief producers in the ocean are

[A] Slime moulds

[B] Bacteria

[C] Green algae

[D] Diatoms

Questions No:10

Diatomaccous earth is indestructable due to cell walls embedded by

[A] Calcium

[B] Silica

[C] Zinc

[D] Phosphorus

Questions No:11

Ascomycetus members are commonly called ,

[A] Fission fungi

[B] Club-fungi

[C] Sac fungi

[D] Bread mould

Questions No:12

Multicellular decomposers are

[A] Saprophytic plants

[B] Saprophytic bacteria

[C] Fungi

[D] Monerans

Questions No:13

Cyanobacteria are

[A] Producers

[B] Decomposers

[C] Consumers

[D] All the above

Questions No:14

Diatomaceous earth is used in

[A] Polishing

[B] Filtration of liquids

[C] Purification of uranium

[D] (1) and (2)

Questions No:15

Slime moulds are ecologically

[A] Producers

[B] Consumer-decomposers

[C] Decomposers

[D] Carnivores

Questions No:16

Sleeping sickness is caused by

[A] Entamoeba

[B] Paramoecium

[C] Trypanosoma

[D] Plasmodium

Questions No:17

Plasmodium is

[A] Captures the prey by pseudopodia

[B] Freeliving protozoan

[C] Parasitic protozoan

[D] Ciliated protozoan

Questions No:18

Amoeba moves with the help of

[A] Flagella

[B] Pseudoplasmodia

[C] Cilia

[D] Pseudopodia

Questions No:19

A dinoflagellate that makes the sea appear red (red tide)

[A] Desmid

[B] Gonyaulax

[C] Euglena

[D] Diatom

Questions No:20

Mycelium is coenocytic in

[A] Phycomycetes

[B] Deuteromycetes

[C] Ascomycetes

[D] Basidiomycetes