NEET Foundation-Zoology-Blood and its components-Test-4

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Blood and its components-Test-4

1. List -1

A) Mast cells
B) Histiocytes
C) Plasma cells
D) Adipocytes

1)Tissue- fixed
2) Antibodies
3) Heparin
4) Fat storage
5) Wandering


2. Leucocytes

A) Neturophils
B) Basophils
C) Lymphocytes
D) Eosinophils

1) Phagocytose antigen antibody complex
2) Secrete heparin and histamine
3) Phagocytosis
4) Internal scavengers
5) Immunity


3. WBC

A) Eosinophils
B) Basophils
C) Neutrophils
D) Monocytes

1) 2 to 5 lobed
2) Kidney – shaped
3) Spherical
4) Irregularly lobed
5) Bilobed


4. List -1

A) Polycythemia
B) Erythrocytopenia
C) Eosinophilia
D) Haematopoiesis

1) Decrease in number of RBC
2) Increase in number of RBC
3) Decrease in number of eosinophils
4) Production of blood cells from stem cells
5) Increase in number of eosinophils


5. Arrange the following in the ascending order bassed on their percentage
A) Basophils
B) Lymphocytes
C) Acidophils
D) Monocytes
E) Neutrophils


6. Assertion (A) Histamine plays a role in inflammation.
Reason (R) It acts as anticoagulant.


7. Assertion (A) Macrophages act as internal scavengers.
Reason (R) They engulf cell debris.


8. Assertion (A) Biconcave shape of mammalian RBC facilitates gas exchange.
Reason (R) Biconcave shape provides high surface – to – volume ratio.


9. Assertion (A) Excretion of more plasma proteins through urine leads to oedema.
Reason (R)Plasma proteins maintain the osmotic pressure and increase re – entry of water frominterstitial fluid into capillaries.


10. The phagocytic granulocyte is :


11. Match the following:
Set -1

a) Basophils
b) Neutrophils
c) Plasma cells
d) Thrombocytes
Set – II

1) Phagocytosis
2) Inflammation
3) Blood clotting
4) Antibodies


12. Which one of following statements is true about ‘Diapedesis’


13. Mast cells secrete


14. Cyanocobalamine is required for the maturation of


15. Which type of white blood cells are concerned with the release of histamine and the natural anticoagulant heparin ?


16. Blood is a kind of


17. The most active phagocytic white blood cells are


18. The leucocytes contain which of the following in large quantity ?


19. Nucleated RBC is present in


20. Heparin is secreted by