NEET Foundation-Zoology-Blood and its components-Test-3

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Blood and its components-Test-3

1. Haemoglobin cotains


2. Decrease in the number of RBC is termed as


3. Graveyard of RBC is


4. Increased number of RBC is called


5. Which of the following are required for maturation of RBC


6. Shape of RBC is elliptical in


7. The migration of leucocytes across the endothelium of blood capillaries in to the surrounding tissues is called


8. Fall in WBC count is called


9. Identify the most common or most abundant WBC from the following


10. Which of the following WBC increase in number during allergic reactions and helminthic infections


11. Find the incorrect combination


12. Abnormal increase in WBC is observed in


13. Which of the following WBC, differentiates into macrophages, after entering the connective tissue


14. Thrombocytes are


15. Platelets are formed by the fragmentation of


16. The straw coloured fluid formed after blood clotting is called


17. Largest motile phagocytes are


18. Pus is a viscous fluid composed of


19. Microscopic policeman of the body are


20. Substance

A) Heparin
B) Histamine
C) Bradykinin
D) Immunoglobulin

1) Vasodilator
2) Antibody
3) Vasoconstrictor
4) Anticoagulant